Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Already?!?

Wow. So it really has been more than 10 MONTHS since I've last posted. That is just insanity. I guess Facebook took over. And life. I know... excuses, excuses... but at least I'm posting now!

Our family was the Mario Brothers for Halloween... Big Mario and Big Luigi and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Yes, we are dorky. But we love us some Mario Kart!!! :)

The kids are both older (birthdays are in February) as are Robert and I (birthdays in August)... Peter is 4 and loving his three-day-a-week preschool; Jeremy is 2 and insanely active all the time; Robert is 28 and still living up the attorney life, gaming or watching movies with me at night; and I am also 28 (3 days older than Robert) and trying to enjoy the everyday moments (not usually succeeding, it seems)...

I have recently discovered Pinterest and I am totally addicted but loving it! I've decided to implement the awesome ideas I "Pin" there by doing one pin a week. There are so many cute and easy crafts and activities on there to do with kids... also great home ideas, etc... so I'm going to do one thing a week and then post it here. Hopefully I'll be better at keeping this up!


Lauren Roundy said...

You have an awesome family! Keep it up!

Bob said...

Woohoo! The blog is alive again!